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🔹 Why The Chip Shortage Isn’t Stopping axxios 💪

If you have been keeping up with our video series on StartEngine and YouTube, you are now very familiar with why chips are a very important part of hardware in the tech industry. We walked you through each step - from finding the chips we need, designing schematics in CAD, soldering components onto the circuit board, and installing the completed circuit board into the axxios Control Series.

If you missed this video series, you can watch it here:

Now that you understand why we need many different chips, it is important to note that we are still facing a chip shortage that does not seem to be letting up anytime soon. Based on market data, the basic semiconductor market is expected to be constrained well into 2023 and is expected to grow ~10%. This could seem like a recipe for disaster as the semiconductor market simply cannot keep up with the demand they are seeing. This affects many tech industries such as smartphones, automotive, computers, and many more.

The only question that the tech industry is asking now is, “when will the chip shortage be over”. The not-so optimistic answer is “not soon”. axxios is tackling this issue with a different approach. Since we are still a startup rather than a large corporation, we can be more nimble, dynamically redesigning circuits on the fly to accommodate alternate chips that we can buy now (thus getting us into production sooner, rather than waiting months or over a year to receive chips that we can no longer purchase). And since we’ve setup manufacturing here in the US, unlike most other tech companies, we can perform this process much faster than waiting to receive parts from overseas.

Each and every day we are making more and more progress, despite the challenges we are faced with. Invest in an American made company that refuses to take “no” for an answer!

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