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🔹 Is Your Security Worth Your Convenience? 🔐

Have you ever thought of the amount of data that is willingly given up in order to have simple conveniences? While a smartwatch monitors our health, it also is tracking our every move. Home security cameras make us feel safe while also storing every second of our lives in the cloud. Privacy and data are two topics of concern being noticed by not only the consumer, but also the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). New laws are being introduced to protect consumer data and the FTC is asking for the public’s opinion. The FTC warns that, “mass surveillance has heightened the risks and stakes of data breaches, deception, manipulation and other abuses.” Unfortunately, the FTC alone is unable to prevent illegal conduct (such as violations of privacy and data security).

While other companies add to the privacy crisis that we are experiencing, axxios has built a new generation of speech recognition that doesn’t require the cloud which means that none of our customers’ data will ever be stored in the cloud. Our mission is to create a privacy-focused, cohesive smart home experience and we have a strong commitment to ensure your personal data doesn’t leave your home network. In other words, it is completely private.

Invest in axxios’ groundbreaking, entirely private smart home technology today!

- the team at axxios

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