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🔹 Privacy In Today’s World 👥

Toby Walsh, author of Machines Behaving Badly: The Morality of AI, writes, “privacy is similar to entropy. Privacy is only ever decreasing. Privacy is not something you can take back”. Privacy comes in various shapes and sizes. First, there is digital privacy that lives online. You can think of this as the information that is stored in the cloud. Second, there is analogue offline privacy. This is the information about our everyday lives in the real world. Due to the nature of today’s society, these types of privacy are beginning to merge into one. Our smart home products are becoming devices that track our every move online and in the physical world.

Smart home products such as smart doorbells, vacuums, watches, lights, and more seem to make our lives easier but at what cost? The big tech companies that own these products benefit more from us buying these products than we can even begin to imagine. Many of the products they sell us will collect more data about us… and that data will help them target us to make more purchases.

Walsh writes, “at some point in the future, all our devices will contain AI agents helping to connect us that can also protect our privacy… away from the cloud and onto our devices.” There is a future where information is no longer stored in the cloud but instead, only on the user’s device increasing privacy tenfold. That is what we are doing at axxios. By decoding user intents on our devices rather than in the cloud, we are shielding users from privacy intrusion.

So, what is the answer? One solution would be to simply delete our entire online presence, trash all of our smart home products and live in the past. An easier (and more logical) solution would be to take the power back from big tech companies by only utilizing products and services that don’t compromise your privacy like axxios. Invest in axxios today!

- the team at axxios

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