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🔹 The Price of Privacy 💸

If you are someone who worries about corporations profiting from your privacy, you are not alone. According to a study conducted by Pew Research, about 62% of all Americans believe that it is not possible to go through daily life without companies collecting data about them. If the majority of people believe this to be true, why has there been little done to protect our privacy?

In South Korea, Google and Meta were fined ~$71.8 million USD after it was found that these major corporations violated South Korea’s privacy laws. Both Google and Meta were found guilty of collecting information from users in order to customize advertisements without prior consent from the user. To date, this is the largest penalty that South Korea has issued regarding private information (~$50 million towards Google, ~$22 million towards Meta).

Although this is the largest fine in South Korea, Google and Meta have both been fined in other countries for violating personal privacy prior to this. Google was fined $57 million by the French government, while Facebook was fined a whopping $267 millionby the German government. When is enough, enough?

axxios is going off the typical tech company script by prioritizing our customers’ privacy. We believe that we have created one of the first completely private smart home control ecosystems, and with our ground-breaking technology, axxios has built a new generation of speech recognition technology that does not require the cloud. None of our customers’ data will ever be stored in the cloud on the server of a big tech company.

Invest in axxios - a truly private smart home control ecosystem that will never profit from our customers’ data. Ever.

- the team at axxios


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