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Simplifying Your Smart Home

Remember when the idea of having a smart home was supposed to make your life easier? Even in the technological world that we live in, digital voice assistants incorrectly update your shopping list, your cameras can’t connect to your iPhone and your smart lights turn on while you’re sleeping. It seems that with each new product, your smart home gets even more confusing. Life seems to be easier when things are working perfectly, but the reality is that these are rare moments. Most of the time, the complexity of smart homes can lead to pure frustration. With each brand and product seemingly needing a different app to operate, your phone can quickly be filled up with apps and become overwhelming.

With the growing number of smart homes, this problem is becoming widespread and needs to be solved. Luckily, there is hope for smart home users. axxios has set out to simplify the smart home experience by working with all the major smart home brands. The axxios Control Series is the central dashboard that will seamlessly connect all of your smart home devices. Want to play your favorite song on Spotify in the kitchen, open your motorized shades, and turn on your LIFX lights in the pantry? No need to open up three different apps! Instead, you can use your axxios Control Series to perform all of these functions with ease.

With over 1,000 preordered devices and 2,100 investors, the problem is apparent and the solution is obvious. Invest in axxios today!

- the axxios team

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