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🔹 Top 5 Things To Know About axxios 5️⃣

Maybe this is the first time you are hearing about axxios or maybe you are a tech expert and have been involved with our company since the beginning. Either way, why not learn more about the company you plan to make your next investment into? Here are 5 things about axxios that might not have known before!

  • Did you know that axxios is already an award-winning company? axxios was chosen as the winner of the Residential Systems award at the Consumer Electronics Show. Not to mention, we have been featured in news outlets such as ABC, CNET, Digital Trends, TechRadar, and more. This is only the beginning!

  • Did you know that axxios has raised over $2.5 million? This includes a $1 million investment from Luminance Brands (a designer and distributor of high-end lightning solutions to commercial and residential markets). This was a huge investment for axxios as it helped fund the build and installation of our first functional prototypes.

  • Did you know that axxios has over 2,000 investors? Investors are the foundation of a successful startup and we value each and every one of our investors in that way. We recognize that we wouldn’t be where we are today without you and hope to continue growing the number of people who believe in axxios’ mission as much as we do.

  • Did you know that we believe axxios is the only truly private smart home control ecosystem on the market? As customers use their axxios products, they never have to worry about data being sold to any corporations. Customer data (such as their voice, preferences, routines) will never be stored in the cloud of a big tech company. This ground-breaking technology is completely private and unlike anything we believe to be available on the market today.

  • Did you know that axxios is part of a $103 billion smart home industry? Expected to only continue growing at exponential speed, we are in an excellent position as the demand for new smart home products increases every day. Because of the range and capabilities of our products, we plan to dominate the smart home space.

Currently, we are raising an equity crowdfunding round so that everyday investors can join us in our mission. Funds from this round will be used to build first production devices and begin shipment to customers who have preordered and then the general public. Will you be the next investor in our cutting edge technology?

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