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The Circuit Board Problem We Faced (Part 1 of 3) 🎥

Recently, we posted an update regarding the global chip shortage and how that was affecting the tech industry. Today, we wanted to dive deeper into that with our first of three videos when it comes to the manufacturing of the axxios Control Series.

One of the far-reaching effects of the recent worldwide pandemic has been a shortage of the semiconductors that are the critical operating components for all sorts of electronic devices including cars, appliances, and many consumer electronic products, such as axxios devices. Many of these semiconductor chips now have no availability for the foreseeable future, in many cases seeing expected delays.

In this video series, we will explore how we at axxios try to combat the chip shortage by identifying alternate possibilities, designing and building prototype circuits, and then testing the new design, before finally deploying the new solution onto a final printed circuit board. By following the YouTube link to our first of three videos, you can see the inner workings of the axxios Control Series. Our next video will highlight some of the work we do in CAD and how we identify what chips can be replaced.

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